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Ways to Getting an EB5 Visa

One of the best ways for you to get a USA green card in these times is through the route of an immigration investment. Also known as the EB5 green card visa, it is an arrangement that is going to allow you to live permanently in the USA. If without any investment involved, the same kind of privilege can take an individual up to 10 years for them to attain it. This sort of investment has to be made in any USCIS regional centers which is approved by the U.S Citizenship and Immigration Service.

Investments like these will be able to enable a person in applying for an American citizenship after a period of 5 years. This simply means that one could become an American citizen through a USA green card within 6 years in making the immigration investment. It is really an important thing that you understand that this is not a form of payment and you also are not buying citizenship in any form. This is actually just an investment where you will be helping the US economy and as a form of their appreciation, the government is going to grant you citizenship. The government actually wants more jobs to be created and since your investment helped to make it possible, the privilege will be given.

Going on further to details, you will need to place an investment of at least $500,000 in an approved regional center. There are currently about more than 100 regional centers in America and every one of these are being operated like an organization. The investment will be able to help them to function and it also helps you to get a visa within just 6 months to a year of your investing with the said amount. After five years in getting the visa, you will then be able to apply for the citizenship and get a USA green card. It is important that you know that your investment placed must be able to generate a minimum of 10 jobs in that region, which must be able to last for 2 years. Due to the fact that the setup is like that of the private companies, there are chances of risks which makes it really important to first get professional advice before you take on a big step.

The popularity of the EB5 visa is constantly increasing and is expected to increase more over the years. With 10,000 of these visas made available in every year, there’s a large amount of capital and reaches 100,000 new jobs created. This kind of program is just one of the many ways of US projects which raises capital, lower unemployment rates and give assurance that you are getting the best possible candidates for US green cards.
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