Finding Benefits of Camping

What would you wish to do on a long weekend? Relax at home, catch up or meet friends and family, or get away from the same old routine and head for the outdoors? If you choose to do the latter, then camping is a great option that is sure to refresh your mind and rejuvenate you completely. It is one of the best recreational activities that is a favorite among people of all ages the world over. The benefits of camping are multifarious, with each person gaining something different from the experience.

Studies have shown that humans subconsciously desire to connect with the natural world, by surrounding themselves with plants, the wilderness, and the seas. Termed as ‘biophilia’ by medical professionals, it has brought to light a fact we always knew, that the outdoors have a positive effect on a person’s quality of life. So, before you drop the idea of camping, take a look at some of its benefits.

Advantages of Camping

Family Time
Camping is one of the best ways to connect and bond with your family. If a hectic work schedule is leaving you with little or no time for your family, a weekend camping trip is the perfect answer. With no television, computers, and cell phones to serve as distractions, activities such as setting up the camp, fishing, and cooking will have everyone working and spending some quality time together. Add some fun activities like camping games and bonfires, and everyone is sure to have a blast.

Going camping is possibly the cheapest and most cost-effective holiday option. Money spent on airline tickets and hotel rooms can be scratched out and replaced by significantly smaller amounts spent on driving to your camp site and on inexpensive reusable camping equipment. For those on budget vacations, homemade camping gear will ensure that the cost of your camping trip will stay to the bare minimum.

Immediate Option
A camping trip does not require much prior planning. It can be for one night, a weekend, a week, or more. For short trips, an evening to collect all the supplies you need will suffice. For a spontaneous trip, you can drive to the nearest camping ground and spend the night there. All you will need is food, which can be in the form of sandwiches, water, and a sleeping bag.

Variety is the Spice of Life
Camping opens up the option of several other activities. Many campgrounds come equipped with pools, lakes, and trails, which allow you to go fishing, swimming, canoeing, or biking. Armed with a little bit of research before you leave, you can also try some stargazing or birdwatching. Things to do while camping include a leisurely trip at a campground using tents, motor homes, or cabins in the back country with no facilities.

Love for Mother Nature
One of the biggest advantages of taking your kids along is that it will inculcate a love for nature in them. You can be assured of raising responsible and caring individuals, who will leave the planet in better shape than they received it in. They will also learn basic survival skills and create lasting memories. If you are a nature lover, you can revel in the magnificent outdoors and enjoy some solitude and quiet. One of the best things about camping is that it is a simplified way of life, and is a nutshell experience of the lives of our ancestors.

The invigorating fresh air and exercise that a camping trip affords you is great for your health. Apart from the hikes and rowing, even everyday tasks, like collecting wood, provide a great workout. A weekly or monthly camping trip will not only refresh your mind, but also benefit your body in a great way.

So, the next time you want to get away from the city life, and enjoy a tranquil weekend in the midst of nature, go camping. Armed with a few hiking and camping tips, exploring nature’s wondrous beauty is easy enough. Another benefit is that it removes you from the structured, amenity-dependent life in the city and allows you to get in touch with your untamed side. For families with younger children, the importance of camping activities should not be ignored. While older children and adults can connect with nature, younger children tend to get bored and would need fun camping activities to enjoy at camps. For those who think that a few days away from indoor plumbing and air conditioning is a torture, a star-filled night sky away from city lights and the magnificence of creation is exactly what they need to change their mind.

Make Your Tent Camping Comfort

The first thing you need to do is select the tent that is right for you. This may seem like a simple task, but it is a very important one that will make sure that your tent camping trip is an enjoyable one.

Make sure you pick out a tent that is well made and will stand up to years of use and will stand up to harsh weather conditions in case the weather should turn bad.

The size of the tent should be big enough to hold everyone that will be using it along with your clothing and any other gear you may want to keep in the tent. When the tent manufacturer states that the tent will sleep 4 people, it usually means that it is big enough for 2 people and their gear. It all depends on the level of comfort you would like to have.

Almost everyone when they first start out camping, start out tent camping. Here are some tent camping tips to help you get the most out of your tent camping trip.
Lets face it, if you have ever been camping in the dead of the summer, in a tent, then you know how hot it can be to sleep at night. Yes camping is great fun but, when it is 90 degrees outside at night, it can be hard to sleep with the humidity and the heat. Thankfully there is an alternative to the sweltering sleepless nights. Now you can get air conditioning for camping in a tent.

There are many tents that offer great ventilation, where the tent has many windows; to allow the air to flow freely through the unit. This works well if there is a breeze to cool things off but, what if the air is still and it is humid? Cooling the tent, to make the night comfortable is a breeze. There are many compact air conditioners that can cool the tent for hours, allowing you to have a relaxing nights sleep.

Many have an attractive compact design, which offers a whisper quiet fan with low power usage for an economical alternative to many portable air conditioners; that can cost hundreds of dollars. Some brands are portable such as the KoolerAire, with its 12-volt air conditioner that is not tied down with hoses, pumps or pads. This type of air conditioning for tent camping is very inexpensive making it affordable for most any camper.

When challenged with the task to beat the heat while tent camping, you have two options: evaporating cooling systems and air conditioning units. Most air conditioners for tent camping, remove moisture which is a common choice in the areas of the country that have a high humidity. A refrigerant model will cool room temperature in a tent by 30 to 40 degrees. When cooling a tent, you will want to follow a common rule of thumb: one ton of cooling (or 12,000 BTU) for every 25 to 150 square feet of space.

Here are some other factors that you may want to consider when making your choice for a tent camping air conditioner, in addition to the square footage of the tent to be cooled: where will the tent be placed, what time of year will you be camping and what time of the day will you be spending in the tent. For example, if you are camping in the middle of August on an asphalt parking lot, in between two buildings, you will need more cooling units then if you were camping on a grassy clearing in the evening in May. Full stand up tents can make a difference, as well as there is more room to cool, verses the tents that are shorter.

The second option for air conditioners for tent camping is the Evaporative cooling systems, which blow out a cool mist that will evaporate when it hits hot skin. These type of cooling units use ice to cool the air and they can put out more air then the typical air conditioners at a distance of 60 to 80 feet. This alone makes this a very cost effective unit to have. They are very inexpensive to use as they require less units to cool an area. These types of air conditioners can lower the room temperature, at best, down 10 to 15 degrees.

Camping in tent is a great way to get back to basics, but you dont have to suffer in the heat as well. Investing in an inexpensive air conditioner can make a world of difference for you and your family when camping. Just imagine being able to go back to the nice cooled off tent after a day of hiking and playing in the great out doors. You will feel more refreshed after a good night sleep and be ready to take on the next adventure.

How To Plan a Coachella Car Camping Trip

Cars camping takes into account families to travel at their own pace and have the opportunity to pick their goal all alone terms. Legitimate planning is the central point to having a fruitful camping get-away. One of the benefits of camping is there are beautiful much a campground in each province in each state whether it’s a private, district, or state campground. Generally, campgrounds are more accessible than restrooms are on the interstates. With the numerous goals that are accessible a large portion of the fun is simply planning the vacation. In the first place, families need to impart what days and where they need to camp together. More often than not, family camping happens around a similar time every late spring.

While picking what sort of vacation and diversion you might want, consider the four seasons. Spring is more for natural life and blossoming blooms and in addition event congregations, while summer is more suited for water stops and shorelines. At the point when choosing your camping trip, consider what the camping trips reason for existing is. Private campgrounds appear to have all the more family situated enhancements, for example, pools and motion picture evenings, while state and area campgrounds are more outside activities, climbing, drifting, and angling. While considering a campground remembers these things, campground style, expected climate, remove from town and campground courtesies. The abilities you have will assume a critical part in the sort campground you ought to pick.

A Brilliant Coachella car camping encounter has a few components included, some you can control and others you can’t. The climate is out of your control, yet you can keep redesigned on it and change with somewhat plan ahead of time. Generally with enough progressed reservation time the perfect area for your campground is anything but difficult to accomplish. If you are anticipating going to a campground for the first time and booking it on the web typically the webpage outline the web of the campground is not generally precise and does not appear the scene. Be that as it may, one must keep in mind to settle on a few decisions, because of startling terrible climate or other sudden conditions that may emerge.

At the point when planning the course to your camping goal, consider what kind of engaging destinations might be en route. If your last goal is a decent separation from home, an overnight remain at a campground can be a lovely break for the children. If conceivable pick an alternate course for the arrival trip home. Ultimately, get ready for suppers and snacks for the week. Preplanning suppers help the wallet and time that could be gone through with family fun. Particularly staples, for example, ketchup, mustard, mayonnaise, nutty spread, jam, salt, pepper to give some examples.


Ways to Make Camping Specially for Kids

When one pictures a kids summer camp, they mostly imagine a group of children gathered around a bonfire on a starlit night; singing, clapping, dancing, and having a great time. Camp songs are a dime a dozen. From the ever-popular Boy Scout track Boom Chicka Boom to the legendary Kenny Rogers’ country number The Gambler, there is a huge pool of songs to choose from. The best thing is that it doesn’t really matter what you sing, as long as it is in sync with the mood of the evening, and has all others joining in and having a good time. At times, you also witness the live making of some hilarious original compositions and even some funny remixes. Here are some enjoyable camp songs for children, which may be enjoyed by grown ups too.

Songs for Children

  • Clementine
  • O, Susannah
  • Peanut, Butter, and Jelly
  • Bingo
  • She’ll Be Coming ‘Round the Mountain
  • If You’re Happy
  • Everywhere We Go
  • Billy Boy
  • Ging Gang Gooly
  • Princess Pat
  • Bananas, Coconuts, and Grapes
  • Old MacDonald
  • He’s Got the Whole World
  • John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt
  • Kumbaya
  • Cotton Eyed Joe
  • I’ve Been Working on the Railroad
  • Down by the Bay
  • This Little Light of Mine
  • This Land is Your Land
  • Old Dan Tucker
  • 99 Bottles of Beer
  • Chumbara
  • Alice the Camel
  • Swing Low Sweet Chariot
  • The Campfire Song (from Spongebob Squarepants)

Some More Popular Numbers

  • Redemption Song ~ Bob Marley
  • Hotel California ~ The Eagles
  • Take Me Home, Country Roads ~ John Denver
  • Let it be ~ The Beatles
  • Cats in the Cradle ~ Cat Stevens
  • Leaving on a Jetplane ~ John Denver
  • Ring of Fire ~ Johnny Cash
  • American Pie ~ Don McLean
  • Mrs. Robinson ~ Simon & Garfunkel
  • Heart of Gold ~ Neil Young
  • Michael, Row the Boat Ashore ~ Bob Gibson
  • Blowin’ in the Wind ~ Bob Dylan
  • Hallelujah ~ Leonard Cohen
  • In the Ghetto ~ Elvis Presley
  • Africa ~ Toto
  • Banana Boat Song ~ Harry Belafonte
  • Maggie May ~ Rod Stewart
  • Take it Easy ~ The Eagles
  • Working Class Hero ~ John Lennon
  • California Dreamin’ ~ The Mamas and the Papas
  • Who Let The Dogs Out? ~ Baha Men
  • We Didn’t Start The Fire ~ Billy Joel
  • Summer Of ’69 ~ Bryan Adams
  • Pretty Woman ~ Roy Orbison
  • True Colors ~ Cyndi Lauper

These are some camp songs, many of which can be accompanied by the guitar, if you can play one. Enjoy the camp and have a great time.

Important Tips for Camping with Your Dog

Dogs are sporty pets and they can be your best companion when you are planning some outdoor activities. Camping out with your pet animal can be a wonderful experience for you. It will also be exciting for the dog to explore a new place and encounter some adventurous paths along the journey. Not all dog breeds are suitable for participating in activities involved in camping, therefore, you must make a note of the type of dog you have and if it is suited for working outdoors. Before going for the trip with your dog, you will need some good planning and preparation.

Camping with Your Pet Dog

If you own a dog breed that loves loads of physical activities and is inherently known to be adventurous, you will have a great time during the camp. If your dog accompanies you in camping, you will have to act responsibly by packing necessary stuff not only for you, but also for your pet animal. Here are some pointers to consider before camping with your canine friend.

  • Before choosing a location for camping, do make sure that it is allowed to take pets in that area for camping. Many camping or hiking sites charge a fee, if campers bring their pets along with them.
  • Prefer a location that is famous for dog camping as it will be convenient for your dog to enjoy the experience.
  • If your dog behaves well, only then take it camping. If it is uncomfortable with strangers, barks incessantly at strangers and it becomes aggressive or is impatient with others, avoid taking him to the camp. It will only embarrass you in front of strangers.
  • It is a poor idea to leave your dog tied to a tree or a bush, or locked up in the car while you are up there, in the mountains, enjoying the vacation. It is not only unsafe for your pet animal but also emotionally disturbing for him, to be left secluded.
  • Carry biodegradable poop bags to throw away the dog’s waste. Be a responsible camper and clear all dog waste.
  • Don’t let your dog harm nature, spoil bird nests, or scare away animals you encounter in the camp.
  • All the better if your dog can carry a camping bag for himself. In the bag, you can keep water bottles, dog biscuits, poop bags and other small necessities. Pet stores sell many comfortable dog camping bags that can be easily carried by dogs. You can take your dog to the pet store and choose a bag that best fits his size.
  • Carry extra water bottles and other crucial dog accessories in your bag, as you must not exert your dog with lots of weight. It is vital to keep the dog hydrated throughout the journey.
  • Blankets for dogs are a must have so that they can sleep comfortably. Take one for sleeping on and another for covering the dog, if it’s cold at night.
  • A separate small tent for your dog is great but then you must ensure there are few other campers with you, as you can only carry limited things.
  • Avoid camping in harsh weather or during the rains along with your dog, else he might fall ill or can be uncomfortable during hiking.
  • First aid kits are necessary. Pack ointments, bandages and dog medicines, in case you require it at some junction of the journey.
  • Carry swimming jackets for your dog if you plan to enjoy swimming. Carry a long leash so that you can tie the dog with it when you are involved in making the tent or you are resting, reading or walking faster. It will help you to keep the dog near you and you will always know if the pet animal is around you.
  • Meet a vet to know if your dog is healthy and if it is safe to take him camping in a certain geographical area. Your vet will give you some important suggestions for safety of the pet animal that will be crucial during the journey.
    If your dog isn’t used to walking long stretches in one go, make sure you practice with him doing so for at least one week, before scheduling the camp.
  • Carrying sufficient dog food is very important. Pack dog foods in waterproof plastic bags properly, as they must not smell or get wet during the camping hours. Avoid letting your dog eat any unattended meat or dead animal flesh during the journey as it might not be healthy for your dog.
  • Also, don’t let your dog drink stagnant water from random streams or lakes, as it can be a source of infection. It is true that, if you don’t have water left, you can let your dog drink from the streams but do it only in urgent situations.

As a responsible pet owner, you must follow all health and safety tips while hiking with your dog because ultimately, it is your duty to take care of your dog. Dogs are inherently alert, active and they are blessed with good intelligence. Being the most faithful animals to man, they have been our best companion since thousands of years. During the camp, not only will you look after your dog, but even your dog will exercise his intuition, intelligence and smelling powers to warn you about any dangers. It will take care of you at every step, that is, for sure! So, follow the above tips for camping with your lovely pet and have a memorable experience. Don’t forget to share with us some tips and techniques of hiking with your dog. Put in your comments, down in the comments column.

Adventure Camps Tips To Keep Your Kids Busy

During vacation, children need to get away from home for a few days. It is important for their physical and mental development to change the daily routine and spend some time in a camp with friends. After finishing school, they deserve a break from all the small chores they have to do at home every day. No more teachers to give them homework; no more parents to tell them to constantly clean up their room and take out the garbage. An adventure camp a perfect way to keep children entertained during those long summer days. As well, this is a place where they can freely roam in the middle of the nature doing all sorts of fun and exciting activities.

One of the most popular Adventure Camps Near Mumbai is Camp Della. This is a luxury resort where children will live the experience of their lifetime. Thirty stunning tents with air conditioning and all the necessary facilities are ready to receive those little balls of energy. Each tent is fully equipped with a king size bed, shower, Jacuzzi and a private patio from where kids can enjoy the spectacular view over the hills. The children will be fully entertained, as they also have access to the internet and television. If it’s usually difficult to take your kids away from the computer or TV, this time they might even forget about these gadgets. This is the largest adventure camp in

If it’s usually difficult to take your kids away from the computer or TV, this time they might even forget about these gadgets. This is the largest adventure camp in Lonavala, and here they can enjoy various outdoor activities that are structured in a safe manner. Paintball, Swoop Swing, ATV races, buggy ride, dirt bike, rodeo, rappelling, flying fox, bobble soccer, high rope course, archery, ball fighting, artificial rock climbing, hover board, shooting range, aqua zorb, crossbow, mountain cycling, pool table, horse riding, bungee running, table tennis, foosball, darts, golf, chess and different virtual games are just a part of the activities they will be busy trying during their stay here. A day pass for children in this dreamland of adventure is only 1250 rupees + taxes pass, which enables them to enjoy unlimited fun activities. Do not hesitate to offer your child a well-deserved break from all responsibilities and let him/her have the time of its life. Spending time in a camp during summer break is more than a simple vacation. Here children can develop their social skills and make new friends. In addition to plenty of opportunities for exhilarating outdoor activities, children will also take a break from TV and computer. Moreover, they will spend some time in the middle of the nature breathing fresh air. After a short time spent in a camp, the child will learn to appreciate different sports and might turn them into a hobby.

A vacation should be a time for fun and relaxation after a long year of tests and chores. Vacation is always long awaited by all children. Do not waste any more time with second thoughts. Instead, book a place for your child as soon as possible because the children’s camp has a limited number of children who can be admitted. Besides the list is filling up fast. The chance to go to Camp Della means turning any child’s dream into reality.

Tips on Choosing the Best Camping Spot

Camping leaves us with a large number of memories for life. The experience of living outdoors, amidst nature’s lush green trees and cool breeze, is simply phenomenal. After all, with our busy schedules, when do we get the chance to stop and admire nature’s wonders? When was the last time we went looking for a bug and observed it with fascination? Camping gives us the opportunity to live a few days, with a relaxed – ‘I don’t care about my clothes or how I look’ attitude. Well, camping is fun only if the right spot has been chosen. Bad choice can result in a bad experience, and who wants to mess up the weekend. However, how to choose the perfect campsite? Let’s find out!

There is nothing like a perfect camping spot. People have different preferences and getting what one is looking for in a campsite, makes the place the best. Moreover, one will tag a place as the best, depending on one’s experience at a particular campsite. Nevertheless, the choice of campsite will depend on a few general factors such as:

Duration of Camping
The duration of your camp will be a major factor to consider, while determining the camping spot. Camping in a national forest for a month or a national park for a weekend, will require different things to be taken into consideration. You can do without certain facilities on a weekend trip, however, when we are talking about a month’s stay in the wilderness, the toilet and shower facilities have to be easily accessible. Moreover, people staying for a longer duration, require some means to communicate to the outside world, thus, connectivity issues have to also be taken into consideration. One will also have to camp somewhere, whereby one can replenish one’s kitchen supplies on a timely basis.

Type of Camping
Your choice of camping spot will depend on the type of camping, you intend to do. Do you want to rough it out during the trip or do you want the comforts available at home, to be present at the campsite as well? Some campsites will offer only the basic necessities such as cold tap water and toilets, while others provide electricity, hot water, Wi-Fi and cable connection, etc. Moreover, if it’s a leisure trip, you don’t want any campers near you. So, spot a place that gives maximum privacy as well. If you are on a backpacking trip, then this will not be an issue. Then again, if you don’t want to be bothered by the sounds of children playing around, choose one of the ‘adults only’ camping grounds. Such factors will make a huge difference in the choice of camping spot.

Group Type
While choosing a spot to camp, one needs to check for the availability of water. Backpackers should make sure they set up camp within 200 feet of the camping base. Families with toddlers and older children will have to check for closer water and toilet accessibility. You don’t want to walk a long way before your children can use the restroom. Moreover, if there are people with physical disabilities in the group, various other necessities also have to be considered. If you are planning on camping with your dog, find out the campsite’s policy on pets. Some camping grounds have maximum group size restrictions. Thus, if you are a larger group, check with the campsite authorities about their policies.

Weather Conditions
The choice of campsite on the camping grounds will depend on the season as well. If you are planning to camp during the rainy season, then you should look for a spot under the trees. This will reduce the impact of rain. The same goes for the hot summers. These trees will provide shade then. Moreover, during the rains it’s better not to choose a spot within a depression. The spot chosen should be able to drain well, even during a downpour. For safety reasons, don’t camp at the bottom of a cliff or in the way of loose and falling rocks.

Camping Equipment
Do you want to sleep in a tent, camping barn, caravan, camping van or in a recreational vehicle (RV) itself? You have to ensure the campsite provides a camping barn or permits caravans. If you plan to stay in the tent, make sure the site has leveled ground for pitching the tent. It is better to camp in a spot camped by other campers, as this ensures availability of level ground. If you are taking your RV, you can carry your supplies and barbecue grill as well. However, if you are living in a tent, check for barbecue grill availability at the campsite.

Type of Activities Planned
Besides scenic beauty and picturesque landscape, one has to also ensure the camping spot has ample activities to engage one and all. Children and teenagers want plenty of activities to keep themselves busy. Thus, one will need to check for the recreational facilities in the area. Fishing, open-water swimming pools, playgrounds, volleyball nets, hiking trails and other facilities are provided in many camping grounds. Make sure you choose a spot close to these recreational facilities. Moreover, double-check if the campsite allows campfires. If your children are looking forward to a campfire night, a prohibition on that would leave them disappointed. So make sure you do your homework. You also have to check for the availability of firewood in the vicinity of the camping spot.

Make sure you make reservations in advance, so that you get a campsite of your preference. Moreover, it’s better to drive down and check the site personally, before the ‘big camping weekend’. This can help prevent unnecessary let downs. Narrowing down on the best camping spot for the weekend and enjoying a wonderful camp is fantastic! However, the task doesn’t end here. Make sure you clean up after yourselves and leave no trace of your presence to the next campers. Happy camping!

Ways to Set Up a Tent Quickly

Tents have been used for accommodation since ancient times. It has been used by explorers, adventurers, for refugee camps, and also during emergencies. It is the most basic camping equipment and is also used, sometimes, by kids as a playhouse. Before choosing a camping tent make sure it is durable.

Things Required

Most of the items required to pitch a tent usually come along with the tent itself. If not, then you will need to buy a few things like a ground cover, stakes, rods, or snow pegs, and a hammer or mallet to drive the stakes in.

Method of Pitching a Tent

➡ Look for a flat ground to set up a tent. Flat ground is also comfortable to sleep at night. In case of snowy regions, try to find even land. Clear all debris, dried leaves, and twigs from the surface and make it as smooth and even as possible. Take into consideration the direction of inclination or slope before building a tent.

➡ Place the ground cover on the surface where you need to build the tent. Some people may think that ground cover can be used optionally. On the contrary, it will protect the surface and help to keep the space waterproof. Unpack the tent from your bag, and if you are camping in an area with heavy wind, put some weight on the tent to prevent it from being blown away. Bricks or stones can be used for this purpose if you do not have any heavy objects.

➡ Now take the stakes or rods and fasten each pole with the tent clip or key. You need to pull the tent taut, but, be careful not pull it so hard that it tears. Hammer these stacks or rods into the ground. Now put the tent rod in the center of the tent.

➡ Recheck if the stakes are firmly fixed into the ground. The tent will lean or even fall if the stakes are loosely held in the ground. If you are camping in snowy areas, you may get special snow pegs that can be used in snow. A rainfly can be used to prevent the tent from flying away.

  • Try to pitch a tent in broad daylight if you are an amateur. Practice it at home before leaving for a camping trip.
  • Before planning a camping trip, know the weather conditions of that place. This will be helpful you because a tent is built in a different way in different weather conditions.
  • You must avoid setting up tents under trees as sometimes twigs falling from the trees can be troublesome. Similarly, do not pitch a tent in a valley as water collection can cause a problem.

Once you get to know the basic method, try pitching tents in different locations at different weather conditions. Practicing for a couple of times will be helpful and soon you will be able to do it perfectly and quickly. Benefits of camping can be best experienced when one is well versed in all basic camping skills, and setting up tents is considered to be an important skill one needs to learn to truly enjoy a camping trip.

Ways to Keep Food Warm

Nothing beats feeling the open air as you rest outside your tent and enjoying a warm food after hiking all day. The essence of camping is to go trace back our roots and be one with nature and it does not really matter if you are camping in the woods, in a luxurious campsite or in the hills.

One of the nice things about camping is being able to cook in the open regardless if it is through a camping stove or barbecue. However, one of the camping problems is how to preserve the warmth of the food. When camping, you cannot place the food in the microwave and reheat it. When you are outside, you need to eat your food in one sitting or you have to it eat cold. However, there are some techniques on how you can keep your food hot.

One way to keep the food hot is to insulate it with newspaper and cloth. You have to place your pan of hot food on a newspaper or you can cover it with a tea towel. It can keep the food hot for another twenty minutes.

Adding sauce with your food is another wise way to keep it hot. Boiled vegetables can get cold easily. Instead of boiling your veggies, what you can do is to serve them as hot sauce. Apart from giving them more flavor, they can also stay hot longer.

Your cool box is not just a cool box for you can also use it as hot box. To turn your cool box into a hot box, you must fill it with hot air from the boiling water in the kettle and then place your pan inside. Seal the box tightly to prevent the air from escaping. This can help keeping your food hot for hours.

Flasks are also a great way to keep your sauce warm while you cook other ingredients and food. All you have to do is to pour the hot sauce inside the flask and seal it.

Another way to ensure that everybody gets to eat a warm meal is to ascertain that everyone is gathered before serving the food. Through this, everyone can receive his share of hot meal.

It is really a challenge on how you can keep your food hot especially when camping out of the season. If you have barbecue in your menu and it wasn’t consumed totally, you can wrap them in foil and keep them inside your larder. This way it will stay warmer longer. These are the simple ways on how you can keep your food warm while camping.

Finding Ideas for Family Camping Trips

Some experiences just make for better experiences than others. Whether it’s a long holiday, or a short camping trip, these are also some of those experiences which help create some of the best memories with the family. Given that it is time that you are looking to spend with your family, you would also want it to be as special and fun as it possibly could. What acts as an added advantage is the fact that a trip like this can also turn out to be one of the most economical little vacations that could be taken with the family. At the end of the day, that is the point anyway, right? It’s about the time spent with each other that matters greatly. There is however one crucial factor, and that is, planning the camping trip well so as to be able to make the most of it, despite the short span of time of the trip by itself. Here are a few ideas that you could maybe use.

Planning a Camping Trip

Planning camping trips with family or even friends for that matter must be done in such a manner that it is practical, hassle-free and fun, all at the same time. Here are some of the things that would have to be considered while planning your camping trip.

Choose the Camping Destination Wisely
The first of many things that needs to be thought of when planning your camping trip is fixing the camping destination. A good way to begin would be by choosing a spot that hasn’t been visited by you in the past. While you definitely feel a great sense of familiarity when going to a place you know well, a spot like that also tends to miss the element of that much required surprise and adventure. The part that should make up for your camping trip as being fun is that very element. What also matters greatly is details such as proximity to bathrooms, etc., especially if you are with little ones and will be in frequent need of using them due to the kids.

Get There Early and Familiarize Yourself with the Area
When you plan a camping trip, make sure you get an early start. Once you get to your destination, there will be a lot you will have to do before you can move on to having all that fun you’ve planned on. One of the many things that you will have to begin with is getting acquainted with the spot you’ve picked for this little camping trip. That said, you also must be sure to have found out at least the basic details about the place you’ve chosen. Don’t land up at your chosen destination absolutely unaware about what you’ve opted for.

Carry Convenient Food
Another essential factor that needs to be well planned when it comes to a camping trip is the food. Good practical camping food is what you should carry with you. No seven course gourmet spread please. Here is a list of some things that should be kept in mind while planning the food aspect of it:

  • Easy to prepare and eat
  • Minimal use of pots and pans
  • Can be eaten at room temperature or cold too
  • Delicious and wholesome (all at the same time)
  • Easy to preserve

The suggested factors are of absolute importance when considering camping foods, because if there’s one thing you want to avoid, it is a mess, especially when it concerns food. A few popular items that make for good camping food are: pasta, eggs, sausages, canned tuna/sardines, crackers, pretzels, marshmallows, etc.

Plan Fun Activities for All
If it’s just you and your kids, there’s not much that you would have to plan for, but if it is about a larger crowd than that, you would have to ensure that there is something fun for everyone to do. A large open space like a playground is a great idea to work with if you are outnumbered by kids. Lots of open space is perfect when you want to do something as simple as letting your kids ride their bicycles or maybe even playing some badminton or the likes. Most adults would normally opt for activities such as fishing, horse-back riding, volleyball, etc. Other activities that one could choose from are ones that could be played around the camp fire. A few such games are charades, random guessing games, complete the story, etc. Remember, the fact that there are kids, it has to stay decent. If you are with a bunch of friends (adults only), you could also opt for games like twister, spin the bottle, or anything that allows you to go crazy.

These were a few ideas for making family camping trips. Apart from that, don’t forget to take care of the essentials such as sufficient clothing, toiletries, a first aid kit (very important), a map of the area, and any other item you consider extremely essential. Once you have all that settled, you have nothing to worry about. Go ahead and be a happy camper.